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You don't have to go all the way to Lake Ontario to enjoy lounging around a body of water and swimming whenever you feel like it—you can have such a luxury right in your backyard, simply by calling on one of the best Oshawa swimming pools companies like Claudette's Pools & Hot Tubs to finally have your very own pool installed. However, buying a pool isn't just about aesthetics and comfortable living, since, if you plan it right, it could even improve the overall value of your home, should you ever find the need to sell it in the future.

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Curb Appeal and Pools
Basically, most installations and home improvement projects that add to your home's aesthetic value can potentially increase its selling price, and this is what's referred to as curb appeal. Nevertheless, you can only make use of this value when you don't end up spending much more in the installation than what you can get as an increase in the selling price of your home.

Consider Pool Costs
To make sure that you don't end up burning a hole in your wallet, see to it that you smartly save up when buying your pool and having it installed. One efficient way to do this is use space in a practical way—don't cover the entire length of your backyard in a pool and deck set-up just because you can. You can also choose to do away with certain amenities like a pool heater.

Improve Market Value
For a higher return on investment, you should also see to it that your home's market value is improved in other ways. Here are some helpful tips from Neil Kokemuller, a contributor for The Nest:

"Returns on your pool investment depend significantly on your geographic location. In warmer climates where pools are more common, not having a pool can drastically reduce the amount of buyers that will look at your home. This lowers your overall demand, and subsequently, the likely sale price. A pool has more functional value in a tropical climate than it does in a four-season area, which only allows for three to five months of use a year. The level of maintenance required for the pool also affects your return on investment. For one, your time is worth something and all of your hours maintaining the pool go against your higher resale potential. Plus, new buyers will consider the level of maintenance required."

So if you're planning on investing in one of the best type of hot tubs or pools for Oshawa homes, always remember to keep your costs down so as to keep your returns up.

(Source: Is an In-ground Swimming Pool a Good Investment?, The Nest)

Claudette Potter

Claudette Potter

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