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Summer is a great time to enjoy the Canadian outdoors, but not many Canadians are able to go outside to relish a sunny day. According to a survey done by The Coleman Company, a manufacturer of outdoor gear and recreational products, many Canadians choose to stay indoors instead of going to other places, for a variety of reasons, including previous commitments and hectic work schedules.

Summer Indoors

Despite the wide variety of places to go, things to do and people to see in Canada, a substantial number of people in the country spend a fraction of their time in the great outdoors taking advantage of the good weather while the sun shines, according to new polling data.

Close to two-thirds of Canadians - 63 percent - spend less than two hours per week outside doing something that's recreational in nature, based on a survey performed by The Coleman Company. Additionally, less than 1 in 5 spend four or more hours in a given seven-day period outside.

This isn't to say that Canadians don't want to be enjoying the weather. More than half of respondents said that they don't spend as much time outside of sheltered quarters as they would like to.

For those who are forced to stay indoors most of the time, there are ways you can relax without having to travel somewhere. Swimming in a pool, for example—whether at your neighbor's or the nearest local indoor pool—could work wonders for your already-raddled self. If you live in a city like Oshawa, for instance, swimming pools won't be hard to find. You may opt to do water yoga in Oshawa pools, or other recreational activities you can do on the water.

If you still prefer to stay home but want a pool in your backyard should you feel the urge to swim, you can have one installed by a pool specialist like Claudette's Pools and Hot Tubs. A swimming pool doesn't have to look like the kind you find in hotels. A pool with the right size and design for your property, and is, at the same time, cost-effective, will be good enough.

Note that above-ground swimming pools are less costly to put up and are easier to dismantle than in-ground pools. The latter, being permanent, may require higher spending. Make sure you decide which one to get before you call a pool builder or installation company

Swimming pools are a great recreational tool; they compensate for the times you need to stay indoors. You don't need to travel far as well to enjoy them. Whether you live in Oshawa or Whitby, pools can be designed to fit your locale.

(Source: Poll: Many Canadians spending much of their summer indoors, Ontario Mutuals, June 18, 2014)

Claudette Potter

Claudette Potter

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