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There are several methods to maintain the functionality and aesthetic appeal of quality Oshawa pools. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know how proper maintenance should be done—but not Epoch Times writer Robert Morrison. In his article, Morrison reiterates one simple reminder on how to keep a swimming in tip-top shape: "The key thing to remember about pool maintenance is that it must be done regularly."

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Proper upkeep of a swimming pool doesn't end with specialized Oshawa pool supplies offered by companies like Claudette's Pools & Hot Tubs, as well as only a fleeting knowledge of how it's done. Here are a few maintenance tips that a responsible pool owner should do routinely:

Skimming – This is the simplest, and most basic task of all. Skimming the surface of the pool involves a rather simple tool: a net on a long pole that allows for cleaning leaves and any other debris off the water's surface. Getting the dried leaves and other foreign objects out while they're still on the surface is much easier than removing them once they've sunk and stuck to the pool's bottom.

pH Maintenance – A pool's pH level (how acidic or alkaline the water is), as well as its chlorine level, must be checked at least twice a week. Ideally, the water should maintain a pH range of 7.4 to 7.6 and a chlorine level of 1.0 to 3.0 parts per million (ppm). Pool water pH is best tested at dusk or about four hours after all the swimmers have left, and at least eight hours after a rain or wind storm.

Vacuuming – A pool's sides and bottom can also harbor accumulated dirt over time. This task requires a special pool vacuum to remove any type of dirt out of your reach, such as things you weren't able to catch with a skimmer that have already sunk to the pool floor. Vacuuming also keeps algae and slime buildup at bay.

Filtering – This should be done as much as possible, especially during peak swimming seasons (i.e. summer). If the water is kept flowing throughout the pool, it is less likely to be tainted with dust, dirt, environmental pollutants, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Water Level – Make sure that there is enough water in the pool. If the water is less than halfway up the filter's inlet, it is insufficient; you need to add more water to ensure that the filter can fulfill its job.

(Source: Tips for Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance, The Epoch Times, July 4, 2014)

Claudette Potter

Claudette Potter

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