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Part of a child's apprehension when taking swimming lessons is being in a strange environment while surrounded by strangers. This is why children who swim in private pools in Oshawa enjoy staying in the water as long as they want and learn at their own pace in supervised conditions. Gillian Chassels, a certified swimming instructor and a Today's Parent contributor, highlighted ways to introduce young children to water fun:

Teach Kids Swimming.

While lessons are certainly helpful, there are many things you can do to teach your kids basic swimming skills, water safety and a love for all things aquatic …These activities can help teach children as young as 18 months how to swim. It’s a great way to introduce swimming skills in stages.

Blowing bubbles
This game will teach the child how to hold his breath underwater. Take a breath, submerge, blow bubbles, then come up smiling and ask the child to “talk to the fishes”. The fact that you look like you’re having fun will encourage the child to do it, too.

Float like a boat
This exercise will accustom the child to the horizontal swim position. Stand face to face with your child and holding him/her under the arms. Slowly walk backwards until the child’s body becomes horizontal with the water, persuading him to do a “Motorboat float”. Keep the child’s head above water and make him/her tread water. You can eventually release your hold when the child floats on his/her own.

Stop and go
Teach your kids how to paddle with their feet by having them grab the wall and position themselves parallel to the water surface. Have them kick up water rapidly by saying “green light”. Instruct them to kick slowly when you say “yellow light”. Make them stop with “red light”. Give a prize to whoever can kick up the biggest splash.

Safety always
The key safety factor for swimming at home is supervision. In private Oshawa swimming pools installed by Claudette’s Pools, parents and older children need to be extra vigilant, and house rules such as no horseplay have to be strictly enforced. Life jackets are a must for children who cannot swim. Staying alert will make your family pool time safe and fun for everyone.

(Source: Teach kids swimming with five fun and easy games, Today’s Parent)

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