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Decorating Swimming Pools in Oshawa
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Some home owners don't realize how decorating their swimming pool can add impact and elegance to an outdoor celebration, or to the home itself. Though many of the pools in Oshawa are already works of art, there are some added touches that can enhance and beautify the property even more, as eHow contributor Fiona Miller described in her article:

Summer Indoors

A swimming pool makeover can give your backyard a sleek and beautiful new look. The ways you can decorate your swimming pool are endless, and you are really only limited by your creativity.

Color your world
The color of the pool floor can be customized by builders like Charlotte’s Pools to match any theme you have in mind. For existing pools, find a contractor who can redo the pool’s bottom and trim color using epoxy paint. You may also want to consider a colorful tile mural. This will take a lot of work, but the results will be nothing short of spectacular.

Add some plant life
Decorating with the appropriate flora will help set the tone for your property. Palm trees and Birds of Paradise provide a relaxing tropical feel. Try keeping some distance between the plants and the water to avoid too much leaf fall, unless you’ve invested in a pool cover.

Light ‘em up
To add drama to those outdoor evening occasions, good lighting is a must. Besides installing mood lights at the sides and bottom of the pool, spot lights can highlight the plants and other key areas of the property. These will also serve as a safety feature, since there will be sufficient illumination to prevent guests from wandering too close to the pool and accidentally falling in.

Extra water features
For the well-off property owner, fountains and dramatic waterfalls could be added nearby or even inside the pool. Consult a designer or architect so they can integrate the new features into the house and pool’s design seamlessly.

From the simplest decorating plan to the most elaborate setup, pool installation specialists can make an Ajax swimming pool look stunning and make guests and family members alike fall in love with a home.

(Source: Swimming Pool Decoration Ideas, eHow)

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