Claudette's RotoSpa Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are typically large and bulky pools that need to be built permanently into place. Some people would think twice about having a hot tub of their own, mostly because of the space it would take up. In addition, having a hot tub fixed to a single spot can be disadvantageous at times, especially when owners are holding a house party and the tub needs to be more accessible to the guests.

Claudette's Pools & Hot Tubs is proud to offer you the ROTOSPA series of portable hot tubs. Say goodbye to large and unwieldy pools; ROTOSPA's compact and relatively lightweight tubs are perfect for bathers who want to unwind, or for those looking to hold pool parties. We sell ROTOSPA hot tubs in Whitby and in other parts of the Durham Region, so feel free to inquire about our great products.

Why would you choose ROTOSPA's hot tubs? The manufacturer's tubs boast features that other brands do not have, such as:

Claudette's RotoSpa Hot Tubs


ROTOSPA tubs only weigh around 250 pounds, allowing owners to easily move the pool as needed, or even load it at the back of their trailers or trucks. Additionally, the tubs only need to be plugged to a 110v outlet to work. Why stick to a fixed hot tub when you can have a pool that can be repositioned indoors or outdoors?


Usually, hot tubs command high prices for their installation, yet ROTOSPA's models are reasonably priced. As a portable hot tub, owners do not need to spend for costly wiring, site preparation, or even remodeling an entire bathroom simply to accommodate the pool. Additionally, with its sturdy construction and ease of maintenance, owners do not have to worry about spending a fortune for the upkeep of their ROTOSPA hot tubs.

Quality & Comfort

True to a portable hot tub, ROTOSPA's tubs are built rugged to withstand wear and tear, and can be used safely outdoors. The shell that comprises the exterior of the tub is temperature-resistant, and will keep the water warm even during cold climates. All ROTOSPA hot tubs are fitted with 20 powerful jets to accommodate those looking for a hydrotherapic massage.

Claudette's Pools & Hot Tubs is a retailer of superior pools and hot tubs, as well as other related products such as pool supplies and hot tub covers. We offer our services to the communities of Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering and many others in and around Durham Region. Get in touch through our website to know more about the products and services we offer in your area.