Claudette's Pool Supplies

In addition to its quality selection of pools, hot tubs, and other related accessories, Claudette’s Pools and Hot Tubs also offers a range of pool supply products to help owners maintain their water systems. For all your pool supplies in Oshawa, you can rely on us to provide you with superior products specially designed to preserve and take care of your water.

The following three products are being offered proudly by Claudette’s Pools and Hot Tubs:



Those who maintain salt water pools will find Pristiva extremely useful. It is an advanced maintenance system that prevents the formation of algae, reduces pool staining, and inhibits scaling below the water line. The product comes in two parts: the Primer and the Activator, and it is simple to apply. Due to its effectiveness, pool owners can spend more time enjoying their salt water pools and less money on maintenance costs.



We are BIG advocates of greener chemistries, but we are also well grounded in the practicalities of successfully managing water care for pools and hot tubs. If we can replace a traditional synthetic chemistry with a greener one that performs better, that's what we do! But, sometimes we're required by law to use synthetic chemistries like chlorine or bromine, or a synthetic chemistry is simply more effective …well then, that is what we will use until a better, greener chemistry comes along.

Cover Free


Do you ever get tired of having to warm your pool up before jumping in? Or are you peeved about the pool water evaporating during periods of intense heat? We recommend Coverfree; an innovative product designed to both prevent heat loss and water evaporation in pools. This PH-neutral product works by forming an invisible barrier over the surface of the water, which stops heat from leaving the pool water and reduces evaporation rates.

With Coverfree, you no longer have to worry about covering your pool when not in use. Also, Coverfree can potentially reduce your water and energy costs due to its protective function.



For those with hot tubs, Mineraluxe is a handy product that can simplify the cleaning of such water systems. Mineraluxe does away with the filth that collects inside tubs such as biofilm, grease, oils, and other organic waste and contaminants for a purer hot tub experience. Perhaps the best part about Mineraluxe is that it is non-toxic, and it will not spoil your use of the hot tub with strong chemical scents.

Claudette’s Pools and Hot Tubs is a retailer of superior pool and hot tub models, as well as other related products such as pool supplies. We offer our services to the communities of Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering and many others in and around Durham Region. Get in touch through our website to know more about the products and services we offer in your area.