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Claudette's Pools and Hot Tubs offers select hot tub models for you to choose from. Hot tubs are perfect for those whose idea of relaxation is soaking in a tub of heated bubbly water. The tubs are also great for house parties, since they provide an intimate space to socialize with others.

Hot tubs have several health benefits associated with them. Most hot tubs are fitted with jets that facilitate relaxing hydrotherapic massages. Additionally, the heat generated by these tubs improves the blood circulation of bathers, which can relieve pain and tension. A good hot tub can take the place of a masseuse, and they are fun to use and a lot more convenient to rely upon.

Although spas typically have their own hot tubs, it would not be suitable for those who love using them to constantly visit their local sanatorium for a quick dip. Why go all the way to a spa when you can take home the hot tub experience for your own personal use? We sell hot tubs and even accessories such as hot tub covers to those within the Municipality of Durham.

We primarily offer two brands of hot tubs:

ELITE Spas by Maax®

Elite Spas

Tubs under the ELITE Spas label of Maax® are known for their simple elegance and their extreme durability. It helps that the Elite brand is popular for its hydrotherapic effects, advanced water management systems, simple controls, and energy efficiency. The steel frames and insulation padding that comprise the tubs have warranties, ensuring owners that they can easily service their tubs as needed.


Roto Spas

ROTOSPA tubs are extremely portable, making them the perfect hot tubs for those on the go. With a total weight of about 250 pounds, ROTO tubs can be easily loaded on a trailer or truck for transport. These tubs only need to be plugged to a 110v outlet to work, allowing owners to freely position their tubs wherever they choose. Not only are ROTO tubs lightweight, they are quite durable as well - each tub has been water-tested three times to ensure that it does not suffer from leaks.

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california Cooperage Hot Tubs

These spas combine the features of the original redwood hot tub with the rejuvenating benefits of modern hydrotherapy.

Each model features fully adjustable jets, – your California Cooperage spa is prepared to do it all.